Super fast and healthy Cinnamon Pancakes


When coming home from holiday and finding your fridge presumably empty – and no time to grocery shop before work or school:

Look again! Very often it is actually not empty.

I found one egg, oat flour, oat meal, some spices, frozen blueberries and apple and some almonds. I felt lucky and made pancakes.

Here is the super easy recipe for 1 person:

1 egg

1 – 1,1/2 dl water (if you have milk or plant milk it could give a creamier result)

25g oat flour

25g oat meal

a bit of cardamom, vanilla (pure, no sugar) and cinnamon.

a bit of salt

1 small spoon of honey

coconut oil for frying


1/2 dl of frozen blueberries

a bit of honey and water

a hand full of almonds

1/3 of an apple

Mix it all together with a whisk, warm up some coconut oil onto the frying pan. Turn the pancake over after a couple of minutes and fry it a bit more – and then the first pancake is done. Cut an apple, chop some almonds and warm up the frozen blueberries with water and some honey. Top your pancake – and voila – glutenfree cinnamon pancakes in less than 10 minutes:)