A couple of weeks ago the team helt a mini holiday weekend at Bornholm. Like the year before (hoping this will become a Remedie Nord travel tradition!) we stayed at wonderful Hotel Nordlandet. If you ever go to Bornholm, and you definitely should travel to Bronholm, you must stay here.

Actually I don’t think I ever sleep as well as I do here, when being away from home. Enjoy a lovely dinner at the modern scandi restaurant, and have gin&tonics while enjoying the sea view at “Underbar”.

Billede 09-09-2017 18.53.21

The quality, serenity, and simplicity is just the perfect combination for a weekend of total relaxation. We just love this place.

Billede 23-09-2016 18.35.25

Billede 24-09-2016 09.06.43