Yes winter is coming – not only in GOT – but soon the weather surely will turn colder and with that comes dry skin.

Washing our hands often, doesn’t help our skin – but we recently figured out that some of the most well scented and fantastic soaps actually dries out our skin more than we thought.

What makes the soap lather is often “sodium lauryl sulfate” and “sodium laureth sulfate”. And we love foam. Unfortunately they increase the likelihood of irritated and dry skin. But milder agents do the job too – they are just more expensive for the manufacturers. It is difficult to find an ingredient that helps the soap foam perfectly without adding some kind of chemical – but a less harmful and irritationg agent is “sodium coco sulfate”. Still not perfect, but better.


The all time favorite and instagrammable soap from Aesop (and it sure is beautiful, smells great and is expensive) actually contains sodium laureth sulfate. Sad.

So what to do if this is your favorite soap?

We bought a healthier (and cheaper) natural soap, essential oils from Urtegaarden and refilled an empty soap dispenser.

Organic Circle natural soap contains sodium coco sulfate, sells in the supermarket Rema at a very low price – and is easily mixed with your favorite essential oils.

Voila – say hi to less dry hands this winter.