After my first treatment at Beauty Avenue, the owner Stella inspired me so much and it came clear to me that I had to make som changes, big changes, in my beauty routine. Of course it makes perfectly sense to me that using beauty products with chemicals and harmful ingredients to your body can't be good for you. After all, the skin works like the intestines; absorbing what's coming and distributing it to the blood and lymph system. I'm not an expert in the field of organic beauty, but Stella is. One of the things she told me, and which really stuck to me, was that there are so many kinds of certifications, with just as varying quality. That is why her favourite beauty brand is Intelligent nutrients, which has the highest kind of certification (apparently it is the same that goes for food, but I won't recommend eating it!).

Throwing all my other beauty products was both easy, but also a bit hard considering most of them were pretty expensive. However, I've been using the products for about two months now, and my skin has never looked better. And most important of all, it feels much better using products that are natural, non-toxic, and sustainable.

I've tried all of the products in the picture above, and my favourites are the oil serum and the conditioner. The serum gives a lot of moisture without getting oily on the skin. And the conditioner is a in fact a multi product which I use as body wash, shaving cream and hair conditioner, which I really love. And best of all, all products come in cute little travel sizes.

Next step is going all organic on make-up (which should be easy since I'm almost not using any). If you have any recommendations, please write to me!

Have a lovely weekend 🌿

The reusable cotton pads are also organic and can be found here.