One of the great pleasures of summer is foraging for wild mushrooms.

It is so unwinding and peaceful – in a way kind of meditative. Watching out for mushrooms in the forest floor makes you think about mushrooms, and only mushrooms.

I thought mushrooms where to be found only in autumn, but the forest is actually full of them already in the summer time. From June till October we usually look for Chantarelle mushrooms – a little later on (from August) the Boletus mushrooms comes out too.

This past weekend we were lucky to find many Chantarelles – not to confuse with the brown roll-rim (Paxillus involutus) which is toxic. Chantarelles have a very distinct smell, and grows on the ground in troops with deciduous or coniferous trees. They prefer damp and acid soils.

You should try it:) Good luck!